TNØ7 Engineering is a small business located in rural Tennessee.  We have the privilege of having plenty of room to experiment with antennas.  I have been building and experimenting with amateur radio antennas and equipment since the mid '50's.  Some of our more successful creations are available on this website.  We believe you will find these systems to be compact, efficient, and will provide you with years of enjoyable communication.  We hope you enjoy these products.

Bob, W4AZM

About Bob:

I was first licensed as WN3AKJ.  Since then I have held W3AKJ, DL4YJ and W4AZM.  I have an Extra Class Amateur Radio license and a Commercial "T" license.  My Elmer was my Dad, licensed in the '20's as 9GLS, then W4YBM & DL4PC.  We started with crystal sets, gradually morphing to R390, BC610E, 300' V-beams, 60' high spaced every 60 degrees with open wire feed, etc.

My first transmitter was a home built one-tube (117L7/M7GT) and a S38 receiver.  My first DX contact was a VP2. (Wow!!)  The first "exotic" antenna I built was a Bird Cage antenna (folded full size quad) with many progressions since:   V-beams, Rhombics, Sterba curtains, Quads, OCF, NVIS, Beverage, etc.  Along the way I was given the moniker "Antenna Bob" by my good friend Cactus K4YMB.



About our R&D team:

TNØ7 Engineering products are subjected to rigorous field & lab testing. Most of our on air testing takes place at the McCullough residence in Chapel Hill, TN. We are able to do much of our comparative testing using Billy's (KK4JAP) & Gabby's (KK4JAO) unique station arrangement.

Billy & Gabby McCullough



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