IMD-109 - Go Anywhere Antenna

$ 149.95

  • IMD-109 with the attached 67' of wire is designed to be a basic HF antenna that is quite capable of worldwide transmission and reception.

  • Impedance matching device (IMD) that causes end fed wire to be an effective antenna for portable or fixed locations

  • IMD-109 functions well in stealth situations such as apartment living, attics, restricted areas, etc.

  • Mount under building eave for nearly invisible installation

  • It may be used in various configurations and locations (sloper or inverted L configuration has worked well).

  • Operates on 3.5 - 55 MHz; SWR ≤2:1 no antenna tuner required

  • QRP - 100 Watts power

  • Compact

  • Waterproof – potted in epoxy resin with stainless steel hardware

  • Virtually invisible insulated antenna wire

  • Tested with both 20’ LMR 400 and 50’ 8X at 10’ above ground level (AGL)

  • Has been extensively tested in the lab and in actual daily use applications

  • Built to exacting standards, intended for years of trouble-free use





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